How do you accrue pension?

Accrual percentage


Accrual percentage

Each year, you accrue pension rights over part of the gross salary that you earn in that year. The portion of your salary on which you do not accrue any pension is called the deductible. You accrue 1.60% old-age pension on your gross salary minus the deductible. A financial limit applies to the annual salary over which you accrue pension in Bpf MITT's pension scheme. This financial limit is € 107,593.00 in 2019.


Example: you earn € 30,000 a year. The deductible is € 15,482.00. In that year you accrue 1.60% old-age pension on the pension base of € 14,518.00. That is € 232.29 in that year. The old-age pension you receive when you retire is the sum of all the years plus any annual indexation of your pension.



Further information

More information about your pension is provided in the pension regulations on the documents page of our website (in Dutch).