How certain is your pension?

If there is a deficit


If there is a deficit

It is possible despite all the precautionary measures that Bpf MITT will not have enough money to pay out all of the pensions in the long term. In that case steps will have to be taken. The pension fund's task is to make the most prudent possible decision on what to do: increase the contribution, omit indexation, or lower the pension accrual. The board can also opt for a combination of measures or make other choices. In the most extreme case, Bpf MITT will decide to reduce the accrued pension or pension benefit.

In recent years, Bpf MITT has lowered the pensions as follows:



2018 0,00%
2017 0,00%
2016 0,00%
2015 0,00%
2014 0,00%

In 2013, Bpf MITT lowered the pensions by 4.3%.



Further information

More information is provided in our annual report on the documents page of our website (in Dutch).