How certain is your pension?

How certain is your pension?


The amount of your pension is not certain.
There is a possibility that we will not be able to adjust your pension to inflation. Our pension fund faces risks including the following:

  • People are living longer on average. As a result, we have to pay pensions for longer.
  • Low interest rates make pensions more expensive. Our pension fund therefore needs more money to pay the same pension.
  • Our investment results may fail to meet expectations.
  • Please see our website for more information about our financial situation (in Dutch) and the policy coverage ratio. These aspects could affect your pension.

We try to ensure that each year your pension grows to match price increases. This is called pension increments. This is only possible when our pension fund's financial situation is at a sufficient level. In recent years we have indexed our members' pensions as follows:



Price rise

2018 0,00% 1,70%
2017 0,00% 1,38%
2016 0,00% 0,32%
2015 0,00% 0,64%

If there is a deficit, we take one of more of the following measures as required:

  • Your pension is not entirely keeping pace with inflation.
  • Your contribution is being increased.
  • In the most extreme case, we will lower your pension. In 2013 Bpf MITT lowered the pensions by 4.3%.